10 Reasons to Watch 'Religulous'

My friend, Chad Nuss, recently met together with some folks from his church plant and discussed Bill Maher's new documentary Religulous.  While some may boycott this movie because it mocks Christianity, Chad approached it differently.

We approached the movie understanding that every film, every producer, every host, and every audience comes with a set of previously determined assumptions. In this case, Religulous is made by a man who is not just anti-Christian; he is anti-organized religion of all types. As he says himself, Maher’s default position is doubt. Unfortunately, this does not give him the objective position many assume he has. Instead, he makes very clear at the end of the movie he holds a very particular viewpoint on God, man, and the world with a very particular agenda on how to fix the world’s problems.

I have not seen this movie.  In fact, as I watched the trailer I felt pretty disgusted.  And yet at the same time, my heart is heavy for Maher and others who are blinded by the god of this age and yet still seeking answers to life's deepest questions. 

Whether you watch it or not, I encourage you to read 10 Reasons to Watch Religulous.      It will make you think.