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10 Stupid Things That Keep Churches from Growing

031028530511Pastor Geoff Surratt, a self-confessed "church addict", recently completed his latest book, Ten Stupid Things That Keep A Church From Growing.  He humbly admits that he himself has committed all ten of the mistakes mentioned in his book.  Here's the first two:

  • Trying to do it all

“Pastors tend to default to doing everything themselves rather than working through people in the congregation,” Surratt explained to The Christian Post. “They take on a lot of different hats and wind up overworked and underproductive because of that.”

  • Establishing the wrong role for the pastor's family

He lists five “stupid ways” a pastor or ministry leader can destroy their family while chasing after God’s vision for the ministry.

For more info. on the book, go here.  It will be published by Zondervan in May 2009.