10 Teachable Moments as Parents

Most of what we pass on to our kids happens in the unplanned moments of life. Yes, we need to make it a priority to sit down and intentionally teach our children the Bible at their level. But most of our "teaching" happens in the normal routines of life where we react to different situations that come our way. It's these teachable moments that give us the greatest opportunity to talk about God and point our children to the gospel. Over the years, I've discovered that these moments have a way of revealing what I really believe about the gospel. Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks! I've found that God is parenting me as I parent my kids. He's teaching me patience as I teach my kids to be patient. He's teaching me to stop whining as I try to stop my kids from whining. You get the picture. With that in mind, here's a list of some "teachable moments" and how I dealt with them as an imperfect parent clinging to a perfect Christ.

  1. When Your Kids Can't Sleep
  2. When Your Kids Want Control
  3. When Your Kids Keep Whining
  4. When Your Kids Get Sick
  5. When Your Kids Scratch the Neighbor's Car
  6. When Your Kids Disobey You (Again!)
  7. When Your Kids Have a Meltdown in Public
  8. When Your Kids Get Overly Emotional
  9. When Your Kids Ask About Death
  10. When Your Kids Ask About Earthquakes