10 (unfortunate) Myths about Mental Illness

Mark Licitra:

Mental illness continues to be incredibly misunderstood in our society, and unfortunately more-so within the Church. My work in mental health has led me into some very interesting conversations over the past couple of years, in which several themes have recurred. Some of these myths are things people have actually said to me, others were more implicit.

10. “I don’t know anybody with a mental illness.” 9. People with mental illness did something to deserve it. 8. Mental is the same as mental retardation. 7. People with mental illness have dysfunctional families. 6. Mental illness is caused by demon possession. 5. People with schizophrenia have “multiple personalities.” 4. People who suffer from mental illnesses are inherently violent. 3. People with mental illness can will themselves out of it. 2. The mentally ill cannot recover. 1. The mentally ill have no place in the Church.

Licitra plans on addressing these myths one at a time over the next several weeks. Check out his blog to learn more.

(HT: Todd H)