3 Questions to Discern God's Call on Your Life

How does God call people?  Instead of waiting around for a burning bush moment, Jim Orrick shares 3 helpful questions to ask yourself: 1. Do you want to do it? 2. Do you have the ability to do this thing you are considering?  And furthermore, is this only your opinion, or is it also the opinion of unbiased observers? What does your local church think of your ability to do this? 3. Do you have the opportunity?

 Orrick says,

Some men are blessed with burning bush experiences. God can still work that way when he pleases. But when the bush does not catch fire, a man’s calling is just as surely from God if his bones are on fire with desire, his heart is on fire with resolve to use his God-given abilities, and his way is on fire with opportunities.

I encourage you to read this entire article!  Very helpful and humorous too.