7 Reasons Why Pastors Should Teach a Preschool Class


Recently I had the opportunity to teach a group of preschoolers.  The whole experience opened my eyes to how much pastors would benefit from teaching a preschool class.

7 Reasons Why All Pastors Should Teach a Preschool Class

1. Preparation - You better be well-prepared when you teach little ones.  Every moment counts.  Knowing ahead of time where you're going (your aim) and how you transition from one thing to another makes all the difference.  It's true in sermon-planning as well.

2. Introduction - You must connect with little kids right away or you'll lose them.  The same holds true for adults.  Our introduction should make our people say, "Hey, I need to hear this."

3. Repetition - When teaching preschoolers, you must repeat, repeat, repeat one main point.  It's even better when you can connect an action to your main point (e.g. God is powerful -- have everyone flex their muscles!).  As pastors we too must strive to preach with one main point and repeat it throughout the sermon.

4. Illustration - In order to capture the minds of young children, you must engage their senses by using vivid pictures and stories.  Once again, adults are no different.  Think about Spurgeon.  He preached images that made the truth tangible for his people.  So should we.

5. Interaction - Good teachers get their students involved in the learning process.  Even though the classroom is a different setting than "the pulpit" we pastors would do well to interact with the text and with our people in a way that draws them into the Scriptures and into each other's lives. 

6. Retention - Preschoolers have short attention spans and can only retain so much.  Similarly, our people can only take in so much in one sitting.  Consequently, we pastors don't have to say it all in one sermon.  Thus, we need to leave out the irrelevant and remember that less is usually more.

7. Condescension - Like Christ, we must come down and meet little children (and adults) where they are at.  Spurgeon once said, "Blessed is he who can so speak as to be understood by a child!"  How true.