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A Book of Bibleless Peoples

Kellie Shramek recommends, From Akebu to Zapotec: A Book of Bibleless Peoples, a resource that is sure to inspire families to have a greater heart for the world:

I picked up this book a while back and [my daughter] Lucy and I just love it.  Each page highlights a different people group from all over the world.  It has beautiful pictures and shares a little bit about their daily life.  It also has a world map at the beginning so you can see where they live.  Every page ends with “these people do not have a Bible in their language”.  Lucy and I then pray that they could have access to the Word of God.  This is the second edition and most of the people from the first book have Bibles in their own language now- in a big part thanks to the people who put it out and all the children who prayed that they too could have the Word of Life!