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A Good Novel on Grace and Community

One of my greatest passions is to see the church become a place of gospel-centered grace where we can be honest with each other and point each other to the Savior. A couple years ago I came across a book called TrueFaced by Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, and John Lynch. It's a helpful book on living by grace and trusting God and others with who you really are. This summer I picked up a novel written by the same authors entitled, Bo's Cafe. I confess.  I don't read very much fiction, but I couldn't put this book down. The story of Bo's Cafe invites us to a safe place filled with people who know the worst about us and yet love us and give us room to honestly explore the deep sin issues we try to cover up through performance and self-protection. It's a story that helps us to lay our defenses down and take off our masks to embrace the grace of God as real people in real community. The only disclaimer is that the gospel is not as explicit as it could be. Nevertheless, I think you'll be encouraged by this novel as you see yourself in the story and pursue the freedom God offers you in Christ.