A Good Question to Diagnose Your Prayer Life

Recently I was talking to my twin brother on skype and he brought up a good question to diagnose your prayer life:

What are 3 answers to prayer you've had this past year?

This is a great question because it makes us think about what we've been asking God to do and whether or not we've remembered what He has done.  No doubt, prayer is more than just getting an "answer" from God, but sometimes we need to remember to ask him things like a little child believing that he will answer.  How does a child ask?  Here's what Paul Miller says in his book, A Praying Life:

  • What do they ask for?  Everything and anything.
  • How often do children ask?  Repeatedly.
  • How do children ask?  Without guile.  They just say what's on their minds.

May we pray like a child this year believing that God can do more than we could ask or think!