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A Good Read for the New Year

Here's a video endorsement for the book, The Trellis and the Vine.  Mark Dever calls it, "the best book I've read on the nature of church ministry."  Kevin DeYoung says, "what makes this book so helpful is (1) the focus on discipleship as opposed to talking about generic ministry, and (2) the practical strategies for doing discipleship effectively. For example, on page 56 there’s a chart with good ideas on how to minister the word one to one, in small groups, and in large groups in the home, in the congregation, and in the community."

Matthias Media is running a special offer from 8am Tuesday December 8 until 3pm Thursday December 10 (Eastern time) for 50% off this excellent hardback book (only $9.99).  Could be a great book to read with your pastoral team or a group of guys in ministry this coming year.