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A Journey Worth Taking is a Book Worth Reading

418bglo7lwl_aa240_1.jpgI just finished the book, A Journey Worth Taking:Finding Your Purpose in This World, by Charles Drew.  I wholeheartedly recommend this book to you as it helped me immensely. 

The book centers on four big ideas that clarify our purpose in life:

  1. Human life comes with a built-in purpose (CREATION)
  2. Something goes wrong with how we express our purpose (FALL)
  3. What gets ugly and destructive can be remade beautiful and right (REDEMPTION)
  4. What we do matters, because we are going somewhere (CONSUMMATION)

Drew has written this book in a very readable, personable way that includes questions for reflection after each short chapter.  These questions helped me to be honest with myself and expose some areas of frustration and fear in my own life. 

For example, one of the common fears of people in their 20's and 30's is a fear that time is running out and they will miss out on a fulfilling life and never discover who they really are and what they really ought to be doing.  Or to put it more simply, a fear of failure.  But this fear of failure, Drew says, flows from one main thing, namely, our selfish desire to want everything now. 

According to Drew, this "gotta have it all now" syndrome must be exposed and brought to light.  And when it is, we can see more clearly that "God never runs out of time and is far more patient than we are unpacking who we are."  In addition, we forget that in this life, we are not meant to have it all.  If we miss out on "x" in this life we must remember that eternity is coming sooner than we think.  This kind of thinking and reflecting frees us from fear and keeps us patient and hope-filled as we live obediently today and leave the "big picture" in God's hands.