Abiding Isn't Complicated

Josh Harris:

Here's the truth: you and I know how to abide. When there's someone in our life that we know we can't live without, we know how to stay close to them. We talk to them. We listen to them. We don't go on long vacations away from them. We remember to call. We do the things that please them. We give up other things and relationships to prioritize them.

That's what Jesus tells us to do this in John 15. If you want to abide in Jesus, listen to his words. Read his Bible. Let his words live in you. Let his words and his gospel shape your thinking. Talk to him. Pray. Seek to love what he loves. Ask him to do the things that he loves. Abide in his love by keeping his commandments. Obey him even when it's costly.

Abiding isn't complicated. The secret to abiding is simply being desperate for Jesus. The secret to abiding is believing that apart from Jesus you can do nothing.

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