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affluenza-441.jpg Josh Harris begins a timely, short series of posts that point out the many places in Scripture where God addresses the problem of affluenza:

What is "affluenza"? Affluenza is a nifty little word that some clever sociologist created by mixing two different words together. The word affluence means having a great deal of money. Influenza is a highly contagious and potentially fatal disease. When you mash these two together, you get affluenza, which is a useful word for describing the problems generated by a rich consumer culture that has an endless hunger for more and more stuff. Affluenza is the disease of greed. It's the materialistic mindset that says getting more money and possessions is the ultimate aim of life. Affluenza is the spirit of our age, and it has infected all of us.

Jesus never condemned wealth in and of itself, but he knows how easily our hearts can make money our god. Jesus knows, and he wants us to understand, that one of the greatest, if not the greatest, hindrances to spiritual life and spiritual growth is material wealth and the temptations that it brings with it.  (Read more here ...)

(HT: JH)