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Are you a sour puss?

My friend, Zach Nielsen, gives a much needed word below:

One of my critiques of Reformed Christians (typically, but not exclusively) is that we tend to be very polarizing in our thinking about certain people or groups that we disagree with. This is often seen in the critique of non-Reformed leaders in Christendom. Frequently I have observed the tendency to demonize a certain person or movement and and give the impression that they are ALL bad. This does a great disservice and is not reflective of careful thinking or charitable living. This may not be intentional, but rather a matter of emphasis. I am not urging us to blur the lines but at least give qualifications and don't be afraid to say something positive about a person we may disagree with. Don't be afraid to give a compliment!

Read the rest of his post here.

(HT: Vit. Z)