Back from my Holiday Fast

Like many of you, I enjoyed some good time with family over the holidays.  It was a very refreshing time to just sit back and talk to my relatives and eat lots of food, especially Christmas cookies.  Yes, I had my share of holiday treats, but while I was gone I fasted--not from food, but from blogging.  Let me just say that it was a very beneficial experience.  Instead of thinking so much about who was looking at my blog, I cared more about who was sitting right across from me at the dinner table.  Instead of thinking so much about writing that next post, I cared more about the next conversation I would engage in.  And instead of wondering if anyone had made any comments on my blog, I cared more about what kind of comments I could give to those in my presence.  So, it was personally a good experience for me to remember to keep blogging in its proper place.  It definitely has its purpose (and I'm glad God uses it for his glory) but it never was meant to take us away from truly doing "life together" with others--especially family.

(BTW ... In all honesty, I did take one peek at my blog while I was gone!!)