Be still ... and serve ... he's on the throne

Yesterday the lights went out in our Sunday morning service and continued to flicker on and off throughout the sermon.  Ironically, our pastor was preaching from Revelation 4-5 and emphasizing God being on the throne and having complete control over all things. As we left the church building, we soon found out why the power had gone out.  Winds were gusting at very high speeds with power lines twisting and trees toppling down throughout the day.  In some areas it seemed like a tornado had ripped through the area. 

After everything calmed down, Jaime and I took our kids out for a drive to survey the wind damage.  It was humbling to realize how powerful the wind was to do what it did in such a short time.  And thankfully, it gave us an opportunity to talk with our girls about God being on the throne and having authority over all things--even the wind. 

As we passed through downtown LaGrange I saw one church building with a sign out front that said, "Be still and know that I am God."  How appropriate, I thought.  Because just as quickly as the winds came, they left.  And perhaps through it all, God was trying to get our attention by having us stop and be still and know that He is in control.  He is God.  And he is on the throne. 

Yet in the stillness of seeing God on the throne, I'm also propelled to serve others in my neighborhood.  Hopefully I can do that today in some small way by walking around the block and raking leaves and silently praying for people without power--and perhaps without God--in their homes.