Born with Beards

Once in awhile I'll meet a kid who seems wise beyond his years.  Whenever I do, it reminds me of Charles Spurgeon's words:

I have sometimes met with a deeper spiritual experience in children of ten and twelve than I have in certain persons of fifty and sixty.  It is an old proverb that some children are born with beards.  Some boys are little men, and some girls are little old women.  You cannot measure the lives of any of us by our ages (Spiritual Parenting, p. 29).

Spurgeon is right!  Consider Ecc. 4:13: “Better was a poor and wise youth than an old and foolish king who no longer knew how to take advice.”

John Piper comments on this verse: 

Better a wise youth than a foolish king! Think of that. Here is a poor lad badly clothed, and here is a rich king in fine robes. And the Bible says that this lad may be wiser than that king. How can that be? Because wisdom comes from God through his word. 

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