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Breaking Through to Community


Why is it often easier to confess our sins to God than to a brother in Christ?  Isn't God holy, righteous and just while our brother in Christ is just as sinful as we are?  So why is it so hard?

Confession of sin to another brother is hard because it humiliates us.  But we need to be humbled, don't we?  We need to strike a blow to our pride.   Because when we do that we are ready to receive the healing power of grace.  Though our pride is wounded, we can be healed through the gospel of grace. 

I long for the church to be a safe place for sins to be confessed and grace to be poured out.  I long for the church to speak the truth in love with gentleness knowing that all of us have played the fool so many times.  And I long for the church to show the love of God in saving us and uniting himself to us despite our fraility and weakness.  We are all jars of clay and our weaknesses only serve to strengthen and uplift the treasure of the gospel that lives inside us.  So my challenge for us is this:  What will we do to break down the walls of pride in order to break through to real, authentic community in our churches?