Bright Lights ... Big City ... Dark Spiritually

In light of (no pun intended) the power outages around Kentucky this week, I thought this picture was pretty fascinating.  Over 100 years have gone by since the invention of the lightbulb, but as you can see many areas of the world remain thinly populated and unlit.  Yet it comes as no suprise that the United States is well lit and urbanized much like Europe.

What shocked me most about this picture, however, is that some of the most lighted countries are most spiritually dark.  I already mentioned the U.S. and Europe, (which are becoming increasingly secular) but look at Japan for example.  My twin brother, a missionary in Japan, has told me that this country is only 1% Christian.  Clearly urbanization does not equal salvation.  But, like many have noted, we must reach these urban areas for Christ since they are the hubs (if you will) for the rest of the world. 

Just think if these bright, well lit cities of the world, would actually become the "lights of the world?"  Imagine the impact.  So let us think globally and act locally--doing whatever we can where God has us now and praying all the while for the well lit, dark cities of the world.

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