Building a Community of Volunteers

Every church is really a community of volunteers.  Over the years I've learned (and I'm still learning) how to encourage God's people to get involved in serving others.  There is always a need--always a place where people can get plugged in.  But how do you care for your volunteers and keep them excited about where they are serving?  Like I said, I have much to learn, but here's an acrostic (V.E.T.S.) I'm using to evaluate whether or not I'm creating and maintaining a volunteer (servant) culture in our family ministry.    Vision

  • Am I providing a clear, consistent, and compelling vision to this area of ministry? 
  • Do my volunteers see the big picture behind what they are doing? 
  • Do they know how their ministry fits into the overall vision of the church?


  • Do they feel genuinely supported? 
  • Do they feel like an important part of the team? 
  • Are they growing spiritually under my leadership and care?


  • Am I providing the right kind of training that equips them for the work of the ministry? 
  • Do they feel prepared and ready to serve?
  • Do they know what "success" would look like in their area of service?


  • Do they have room to operate in their area of gifting?
  • Am I micromanaging everything?
  • Do they feel a sense of ownership and excitement about their place of service?

I may ask these questions to the many volunteers who serve with me.  Would you add anything?