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Building Community by Sharing Our Stories

Last night I asked one simple question that opened the doorway to closer community with a few people in our church.  All I asked was, "What's your faith story?" and the Holy Spirit led us into joyful humility and awe at the redeeming work of Christ on our behalf.  It was a sweet time remembering the grace of God in each of our lives. It got me thinking, as followers of Christ we need to share our stories more often.  Why?  Not only does it build community, it strengthens our faith in a God who can do the impossible.  He is not restrained by our sinful rebellion.  He is sovereign.  He can save.  And he can do it in a multitude of ways.  No one is beyond the reach of God's saving grace.  We need to remind ourselves of that as we pray and seek the salvation of our friends and family members.

And perhaps most of all, we need to share our stories because our stories help us to see that the gospel is alive.  It carries us and lifts us even now.  It awakens us and amazes us today.  We never get used to the gospel.  Indeed, Christ is our ever-present Savior who is acting on our behalf and shaping our stories until that final day when our journey comes to an end (or should I say beginning) in heaven.