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Capturing Again the Wonder of Christmas

The Christmas story is so familiar we often forget how amazing it really is.  Here's where children can help us.  Monte Swan, in his excellent book, Romancing Your Child's Heart, says something all of us parents need to remember especially around the holidays:

Entering a child's world as an adult is hard because our adult world is actually the smaller world, constricted by adultish logic, limits, and concerns.  The world of children is infinitely larger--its boundaries stretch to the limits of the imagination.  It's filled with wonder, mystery, and adventure.

So let's unleash our childlike imagination at Christmas.  Let's be like Mary who treasured and pondered all these things in her heart.  And let's receive (like a child) the King who came as a child to bring us joy and gladness.  In doing so, we'll capture again the wonder of Christmas by entering into the story that never grows old.