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Why Christmas? New Devotional for Families

Are you looking for a simple devotional to do with your family in the weeks leading up to Christmas?  Barbara Reaoch's Why Christmas? is a helpful devotional to point your kids to Jesus with colorful illustrations and good discussion questions. I just started reading it with my 3 kids (ages 10, 8, and 4) and all of them really like it.  The devotional also comes with Christmas carols that correspond with each of the stories.  It's a fun way to end the night before tucking them into bed!

I also recommend Why Easter? by the same author.

Raising Kids in a Prosperous Culture

Jonathan Dodson with a good post on how we can teach our kids to be devoted to the one true God in a culture that beckons them to be devoted to other things. You may also like:


Maximize Your Summer

The Prince's Poison Cup

Are you looking for a creative way to teach the truth of the gospel to your kids this summer? I would highly recommend The Prince's Poison Cup by R.C. Sproul. My whole family watched the DVD last night and it prompted a lot of good discussion. Even my four-year old boy was captivated with the story and listened intently. Take a look at this intro video below and buy the DVD and/or book.

Why Easter? A New Easter Devotional for Families

I'm excited about Why Easter? a new resource that helps children understand and celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  Tedd Tripp, author of Shepherding a Child's Heart, gives his endorsement:

Since most Evangelicals do not follow the church calendar, Easter often catches us unprepared.  Barbara Reaoch comes to our aid with a four-week series of devotions for parents and children that will increase our joy at Easter.  These devotionals are well-crafted, theologically sound, and doable.  They could be used year after year as a wonderful family tradition.

You can click here to download a sample of the first 3 lessons.

D6 Days

Over the last decade, I've been highly involved in ministry to families.  During those years, I've learned that discipleship has got to start in the home and then spread outward.  That's why I'm excited about D6 Days - a way to experience the D6 Conference from your computer, iPad, or tablet for FREE at  The D6 Conference aims to equip church leaders by addressing what's ahead for the church as we disciple the next generation for Christ. There are three different D6 Days in 2012: February 21, April 17, and July 24.  D6 Days content will be available for up to two weeks after the listed dates.

The folks from D6 graciously gave me a couple books that I look forward to reading in the coming days.  They are:

You Lost Me: Why Young Christians Are Leaving the Church ... And Rethinking Faith by David Kinnaman.  I read Kinnaman's book called, unChristian, awhile back and appreciated his insights.

The Legacy Path: Discovering Intentional Spiritual Parenting by Brian Haynes.  Haynes provides a clear path to influence the faith of the next generation by helping parents become the spiritual leaders for their families.  Highly recommend it.




Family Advent Devotions

Advent is a time of expectation and preparation for the celebration of Christ’s birth.  I encourage you to set aside some time with your family to focus on Jesus in these weeks leading up to Christmas.  Here are some ideas: Christ the King Presbyterian Church has developed two Advent devotionals you can download here and here.

Jared Kennedy posted some great ideas for families to celebrate the Advent season.

The Resurgence also has an excellent series of posts onLearning to Advent together.

Justin Taylor points to a new Advent Narrative Book that looks really good.

Tony Kummer highlights some Advent Lessons for Kids that teach through the nativity.

One thing we do in our home is sing Christmas songs together (I can still manage to play a few on the guitar!) and talk about the words to these songs.  I’ve found that some of them are rich in theology (i.e. Joy to the World). Whatever you do, make it simple and fun for your kids!

7 Financial Principles for Kids

New ESV GROW! Bible for Kids

ESV Grow! BibleI just got a copy of the ESV GROW! Bible from a friend of mine. I love it!  It's designed specifically for children ages 8-12. One of the coolest features is the "Cross Connections" boxes that are scattered throughout to help kids understand the centrality of the cross in all the Scriptures. Another feature called "4U" is great for explaining the text and how to apply it to a child's life.   I can't wait to read it with my 7 and 9 year old girls.

ESV Grow! Bible from Crossway on Vimeo.

Click on the Bible to the right to view the text.

When God Calls You to Wait

Paul Tripp with some wise words on God's will in your time of waiting (whew ... lots of "w's"):

In ministry there are often moments when you are propelled by a biblical vision but called by God to wait. Waiting can be discouraging and hard. So what does it look like to wait in a way that makes you a participant in what God is doing rather than someone who struggles against the wait? Let me suggest several things.

Read the rest ...

Dispatches from the First Year of Youth Ministry

Student Life started a new blog series called Dispatches from the First Year. It’s all about being a first-year youth pastor: the trials and tribulations, as well as the triumphs. Four newbies will be journaling for their first year, giving insights to discipling students, as well as being on a church staff, creating relationships with parents, and much more.

Our own Cam Potts, Student Pastor at LaGrange Baptist Church, (pictured) is one of the featured bloggers!  Check it out.

Resources on Seeing the Story of God in the Bible

Michael Wallenmeyer has put together a good list of resources on the Story of God in Scripture:

My buddy, Cam Potts, also pointed me to this great resource that "provides a beautiful, powerful, yet simple explanation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ using 4 major themes found in the Bible: Creation. The Fall. The Rescue. The Restoration." Check out the website for more info.