Change. Why is it so hard?

There’s parts of me that love change.  I’m a visionary and a dreamer.  But oftentimes change can be hard because I see a picture of what “could be” but also a picture of what “probably will be.”  And so the pictures in my mind can bring me to a place of anxiety rather than anticipation. Change is also hard because I want control and comfort.  If my world is being turned upside down than I lose the reigns and I don’t want that.  I want what is normal.  I want what is comfortable.  Don’t take me away from that because than I have nothing to hold onto.  Or do I?

I think you know where I’m going with all this.  Change is hard because it forces me to trust in God and not in myself.  When I can’t see what is coming, when I can’t hold onto something that is familiar, it puts me in a place where I must look to someone bigger than myself. 

You see this time and time again in the Bible.  Think of Moses.  Think of Gideon.  Think of the Israelites.  All of them painted a false picture of the future which led them to anxiety instead of anticipation.  But God was patient with them and he is patient with us, even providing us with daily reminders of his presence so that we will know he is there in times of uncertainty and change.

Yes change is hard.  But without it, we would continue to trust in ourselves and not in our great God–who, by the way, never changes.