Charlie Sheen and Self Worship

With all the media attention given to Charlie Sheen lately, I thought this quote by David Kupelian, in his book, How Evil Works, was very insightful:

Human beings were never made to be worshiped ... Worship does extremely weird things to human beings ... Worship destroys us and drives us mad.

I'm not pointing the finger at Charlie Sheen. All of us are in great danger when we begin to think we are something special. And like Sheen, when we're drugged up on praise we can grow increasingly egocentric and narcissistic. We worship ourselves, and this is not only sinful--it's satanic in nature.

Chuck Lawless in his excellent book, Discipled Warriors, compares the pride of Satan and the humility of Jesus from Isa. 14:13-14 and Phil. 2:5-11.

  • Satan chased after glory and power … Jesus walked away from glory and power
  • Satan wanted to ascend to a throne … Jesus descended to earth
  • Satan tried to be God … Jesus became a human
  • Satan wanted to be master … Jesus became a servant
  • Satan was cast down for his pride … Jesus was exalted for his humility

James Boice describes the scene this way.  "Satan said, I will go up … up … up and God said, “You will be cast down, down, down into hell.” And Jesus said, “I will go down to the cross."  And God said, “You will be exalted and given the name that is above every other name.”

The truth is that all of us were made to worship. But humans don't make very good gods. Only God himself can open our eyes to see this truth through the death and resurrection of his Son Jesus. May he do so for all of us - including Charlie Sheen.