Children, Conversion, and Baptism

I like Spurgeon's words on childhood conversions taken from Spiritual Parenting:

Some people expect almost infinite wisdom in a child before they can believe him to be the subject of divine grace. This is monstrous. ... It was a sort of understood thing that as soon as a child was converted, he was to turn into an old man! I never see anything in Scripture to support this theory. ... So learn from the Master's words that you are not to try to make the child like yourself, but you are to be transformed until you yourself are like the child.

These words by Spurgeon obviously do not negate the fact that a child must have a credible profession of faith prior to being baptized. Obviously, there is great wisdom in waiting and teaching the importance and significance of what it means and why we do it. Generally, at the church I serve, I encourage parents to wait until their son or daughter is in their upper elementary years before proceeding with baptism as we walk through a process together. But like Spurgeon, (and Jesus for that matter), we must not let the children be hindered in coming to the Savior both to trust him and follow him in baptism.