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C.J.'s 7 Ways to Kindle Romance

Valentine's Day is fastly approaching.  In light of this, I’ve been thinking about my wife and how I want to grow in my love for her.  Not just because it Valentines Day but because I want to grow in my love for her all year around.  I want to be a man who gets more excited about leading my wife than leading some ministry at church.  I want to be a man that lives out his faith more clearly to his family than to anyone else. Sadly I fall miserably short in these areas.  Nearly every day I'm aware of how much I need to grow in loving my wife like Christ loved the church.  One person who models this well and writes about it well is C.J. Mahaney.  He has written one book in particular that I would greatly recommend to you.  The title alone should provoke you to buy it.  It's called, Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God.  It's a very easy book to read and full of practical helps for husbands to grow in their love for their wives.  For example, in one chapter he focuses on 7 Ways to Kindle Romance.  Here they are:

  1. Date Night - take inititative and plan
  2. Phone Calls - call her at least once a day
  3. Notes, Cards, Letters - little notes go a long way
  4. Gifts - Do you know what she likes?
  5. Music/Poetry - not for everyone!
  6. Getaways - save your $$ for unhurried, undistracted time
  7. Surprises - think of what would surprise her, be creative