Complement Your Spouse

My wife and I lead a small group (twice a month) with three other couples.  Yesterday we met and spent some time reflecting on how God made us to need one another in marriage.  Specifically we discussed the differences we see in our spouse that God uses to complement us.  For example, my wife is very considerate of others and has made me much more sensitive to people's needs.  And where I'm more of a serious, visionary thinker, she is more carefree and lives life to the full right now.  She's taught me to not take myself so seriously and live for the day.  There's a lot more I could say, but I think the greatest lesson I learned from this time of discussion is that God has made us for each other; and though we are different, we are ONE.  There really is some of Jaime in me and some of me in Jaime.  The oneness that God created about 12 years ago is not so abstract anymore.  I can see it every day.  That's pretty amazing.