Confessions of a Christian Parent

Every parent wants to be a good parent.  The pressure is even more intensified as Christian parents.  We want to raise our kids the right way.  We don't want them to make the same mistakes we made.  We want them to turn out to be good and godly men and women. Last night at our SEEDS Parent Chat, Dr. Eric Johnson shared his personal journey as a parent which he called, "Confessions of a Christian Parent."  I've known Eric for quite a few years now, and I deeply respect this man.  But my respect grew even more after hearing him share very openly about the difficulties he's faced as a Christian parent.  Eric is a seminary professor, author, and trained Christian psychologist, but he was not afraid to share his parenting struggles and admit he's still learning and growing. 

He ended his message by giving these 6 points that outline a humble, gospel-centered paradigm of Christian parenting.  The parenthetical remarks are mine.

1. Deep spiritual growth is much slower than intellectual growth (you can read all the parenting books out there, but your "internal world" as Eric calls it, takes a long time to change)

2. Parenting is the hardest task of life (Can I get an Amen!)

3. Parenting is one of the best sources of spiritual and psychological growth (God uses our children to grow us!)

4. Sins against our children are the worst sins of all (what a sobering truth)

5. My goodness is not in me (not in my parenting skills) ... but my hope is in my Savior Jesus Christ

6. We need each other as brothers and sisters (to help one another in our brokenness as parents)

If you're member of LaGrange Baptist Church, I encourage you to come and be a part of our SEEDS family ministry and SEEDS Parent Chat which meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30 - 7:45.  The Parent Chat format each month looks like this:

1st Week: Tools for the Home

2nd Week: Parent Panel

3rd Week: Pastor Tony shares (primary focus on marriage)

4th Week: Dr. Eric Johnson shares (primary focus on parenting)