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Creating Culture vs. Consuming Culture

Chuck Colson writes,

In his book, The Suburban Christian, author Al Hsu explains how Christians have condemned culture, avoided culture, critiqued culture, and copied culture. “Mostly,” he says, “we consume culture. But all of this is a far cry from God’s intent, that we fulfill the [creation or cultural] mandate and exercise our energies to create culture.” I could not agree more.

It is easy to sit back and criticize the folks who want to replace Merry Christmas with Happy Sparkle Day. Let’s admit it—the whole thing is ludicrous, and it is an easy target. And while we should and do critique culture, there is also a way, however, in which we imitate God even more by rolling up our sleeves and creating culture.

Christmas is full of perfect opportunities for you and your family to start traditions to do exactly that.  For example:

  •  To flex the creative versus the consumptive muscles, you can also choose something you might normally purchase and instead make it yourself.
  • One of our blog writers at The Point tells how she writes a Christmas poem each year for friends and family.
  • And instead of watching football on TV, grab a football, get a few relatives and neighbors together, and turn your lawn into your own end-zone.

Whether you are tossing a ball or writing a poem, you are creating something—not only something in the physical realm, but also a space for intangible things like relationships and critical thinking and memories to be built.  (Read the rest here)

(HT: Christian Post)