"Daddy Dates" on Valentine's Day

Today I took my youngest girl, Lily, to McDonald's for Valentine's Day.  She loves the pancakes so I ordered her some along with a chocolate milk!  We had a good time sitting together (side-by-side) on our little date.  I asked her some questions and told her how proud I was of her and how much I love her.  Lily definitely enjoys "quality time" together, so I'm glad we were able to do it, and I hope to do it more often. This afternoon, I'll take Emie, my oldest, out for a little treat at the Homeade Pie Kitchen in Louisville.  She's been talking about wanting to go there for awhile, so it should be a fun surprise.  I look forward to seeing her smile and spending time talking to her about how she's doing.  Emie is a very verbal little girl, and loves to hear words of affirmation.  It should be fun to talk with her and encourage her in the Lord.

One might ask, "Why am I doing these Daddy Dates?"  Well, normally I take each girl out on their birthday for a special meal of their choice.  But I also want to make a tradition on Valentine's Day.  It's just part of making my girls feel loved and cherished by their daddy.  I want to do it more regularly as they get older as a way of continuing to communicate with them 1:1 and see how they're doing--especially emotionally and spiritually.

By the way, in case you're wondering ... I plan to take Jaime out for a special date night on Friday.  We already got to go to The Phantom of the Opera last month, as an early Valentine's gift, but we hope to go out to eat and get a little Starbucks together!

Enjoy your Valentine's Day.