"Daddy, why doesn't Jesus keep us from getting sick?"

Last night I was talking with my girls about Jesus and how much he loves when my oldest girl asked a great question.  She said, "Daddy, if Jesus loves us so much that he died for us, why doesn't he take away our sickness?  I mean, Jesus did a harder thing by dying for us, isn't it easier for him to keep us from getting sick?" How would you have responded to your child?  This was my response ...

First I told her that she asked a great question.  And I said that she was right that Jesus did the harder thing by loving us so much that he died for us on the cross.  I looked at them both and I said, "He loves you girls a ton!"

And then I said that the reason why we still get sick is that we are sinners and we still live in a world full of sin.  If we continue trusting in Jesus and what he did for us on the cross one day we will be with him in heaven and there will be no more sickness and no more tears.  He will make all things new.  I can't wait!  But until that day comes, we will get sick.  And we must trust  Him even if we don't know all the reasons why.  But in those times it also reminds us to pray for Jesus to come back sooner. 

I could tell this made my girls think about Jesus coming back and why he hasn't yet.  It also motivated me to pray a little differently when one of us gets sick.  To not just pray for us to get better, but for Jesus to come back sooner, and in the meantime live for the advancement of his kingdom together.