Dave Busby Materials

davebusbyad1.jpgSome of you know the name, Dave Busby, as he influenced thousands of young people in the short life he lived on earth.  Even though he died in 1997, his impact lives on.  Dave is one of the few people God has used to radically affect my faith and life.  Perhaps more than anyone, Dave taught me to see God as a compassionate Savior instead of a disappointed taskmaster.  His deeply penetrating and brutally honest messages encouraged me to rest in God's grace and taste and see that He truly is good.

Here's what Louie Giglio says about Dave:

Some voices only come along once in a lifetime, clear and fearless reminders of the awesome and extravagant God who invites us into his presence.  One such voice belonged to Dave Busby, powerful in life and seemingly irreplaceable in death.  I can say without reservation that your life will be rocked and reshaped (in the very best way!) by the resources that are available here.

If you've been influenced by Dave Busby, I encourage you to check out his website and new materials put into CD and DVD.  I just ordered the following today: