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Dave Busby's Ongoing Influence

Back in my college years God used a man named Dave Busby to radically affect my faith and life.  Perhaps more than anyone, Dave taught me to see God as a compassionate Savior instead of a disappointed taskmaster.  His deeply penetrating and brutally honest messages encouraged me to rest in God’s grace and taste and see that He truly is good. Awhile ago I ordered some of Dave's messages on CD, and just recently I've been listening to them again.  In one series of messages entitled Oh Taste and See, Dave invites us to experience Jesus as our Forgiver.  I love what he says here:

The safest place in all the world to be totally exposed is in the presence of Jesus. Why? Because He has a forgiver's heart. He loves to forgive you... And remember it's not the quality of your repentance, but the quality of His sacrifice. So will you let him forgive you? Will you let him love you?