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Do We Have to Spend Money to Have Fun?

Todd Heistand:

Here’s a question for you: When’s the last time your family left the house at night without the intention of spending money?

One of the things my wife and I have realized recently is that we rarely leave the house in the evenings unless we are spending money.  We are either going to the store, the mall, a movie, or do some kind of shopping (side note: isn’t it sad that we call shopping “entertainment”). Even if we are simply intent on spending quality time together as a family we are still spending money.  We are going to dinner, going out for ice cream, or going bowling (which we’re recently discovered costs waaaaaay more than it used to!), going to get coffee, etc.

One of the challenges of living in the burbs (this is likely true for the city too) is that most of the “fun things to do” require us to spend money.

Now, I am not opposed to spending money but we’ve been trying to be more creative about how we spend our time and therefore our dollars. Read about his ideas here ... 

I resonate with this.  My wife and I love to go on walks with the kids and visit the local library.  What do you do in your community that doesn't require money?