Doing Life Together

100_0628.jpgMy heart is to see the family of God discipled in close community.  The many "one another's" of Scripture show us the church is to be about doing "life together."  Sadly, in large part, the church often becomes a passive, privatized place where people can come and go without anyone knowing it.  Even as I write this post I'm aware of the fact that there are many people today that are content in finding their fellowship with a computer in a made up dream world where they can control life as they see fit. Oftentimes I fear the blogosphere can be a place where people can hide behind their computers and fail to communicate with real people face to face.  I admit that I have done that.  And I think most people would agree that technology has the potential of pushing people away from authentic, God-honoring community. Having said that I believe God has given us technology (and blogging) to be a means of his grace to people.  I have been the recipient of this grace through many Christians who have written many things that have encouraged my soul and spurred me on toward love and good deeds.  But we must not forget that Christianity is meant to be lived out in the context of real life by having real relationships with real people we can see.

More than ever we are living in a self-driven society that pulls us away from experiencing this type of environment that people long to have.  This is why a united church that lives out the metaphors of a family and a body attracts both believers and unbelievers to it.  Indeed, the gospel can be more clearly embraced and proclaimed if it comes from people who unite to become the “city on a hill” that points people to the beauty of Christ (John 17:21).

Therefore I pray that this blog will continue to be a means of promoting community amongst fellow believers in Christ and a safe place for those searching.  I welcome your comments as I seek to learn with you what it means to “no longer be stangers and aliens but fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God with Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone” (Eph. 2:19-20).