Don't Be Afraid to Come to a Savior Like This

These are such sweet words from Jonathan Edwards in his sermon, The Excellency of Christ:

It could not have been conceived, had it not been so in the person of Christ, that there could have been so much in any Savior, that is inviting and tending to encourage sinners to trust in him.  Whatever your circumstances are, you need not be afraid to come to such a Savior as this.  Be you never so wicked a creature, here is worthiness enough; be you never so poor, and mean, and ignorant a creature, there is no danger of being despised; for though he be so much greater than you, he is also immensely more humble than you.  Any one of you that is a father or mother, will not despise one of your own children that comes to you in distress; much less danger is there of Christ despising you, if you in your heart come to him.