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Don't Be Afraid to Speak a Word

Yesterday I was encouraged to receive a needed word from a brother in Christ and share a needed word to a different brother in Christ.  It got me thinking.  This should be normal for Christians. We ought to be open to the Spirit's nudging and not afraid to share a  word of encouragement, a word of wisdom, or even a word of rebuke.  Too often we forget the horizontal dimension of God's grace. We think the only way that God will work in our lives is through our personal "quiet times."  Could it be that God is waiting for you to avail yourself to others in community who can speak a word to your soul?  And could it be that God is nudging you to use your mouth as a means of grace in someone else's life today?  Pray for it.  Be open to it.  Don't be afraid to speak a word (perhaps from the Word!) into someone's life.  And then be ready to humbly receive a word when God sends his messengers your way.