Early Valentine's Present

phantom1.jpgLast night I surprised Jaime by taking her out to eat and then going to The Phantom of the Opera.  We went with our friends, Lisle and Kathy, as an early Valentine's present to our wives.  Jaime and I have seen just two big plays like this in the past--The Lion King and The Sound of Music.  Though the whole experience was enjoyable, the play itself wasn't as great as we thought it would be.  I would rank Sound of Music first, Lion King second, and Phantom of the Opera third.  It was just a little difficult to follow the storyline of the play.  Maybe it was because I couldn't stop gazing at my beautiful wife!  (Okay, I admit I'm going for brownie points there).  All in all though, we had a good date, which I'm sure will be harder to come by as we get ready for our baby coming in March!  Your prayers are greatly appreciated!