Emie's Preschool Graduation

images811.jpgLast night Emie graduated from preschool.  It was pretty amazing for us.  Needless to say it was hilarious watching all the kids and their different personalities come out on the stage.  First they walked through the alphabet with each kid having a different letter and a short rhyme.  Emie had the letter "X" so she had a long time to wait for her turn.  During that time she spotted Jaime and me and my Mom and Dad who came for the weekend.  When it was finally her turn she got up with a picture that she had drawn of our family and said, "X is for the excellent drawing that I drew and if you look real closely you'll see what an artist can do."  It was soooo cute!  When she sat back down her little friend Allie gave her a kiss and hug and said, "I'm so proud of you."  Later it was time for all the kids to tell what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Most boys wanted to be a policeman and most girls wanted to be a veternarian.  But when it was Emie's turn and her teacher asked her what she wanted to be, she got up and said, "A Mommy, a Doctor, and an Ice Cream Trucker!"  That's right, an Ice Cream Trucker.  Somehow I think she would sell a lot of icecream with her cute little face - and probably eat quite a lot as well!  Emie had a great year and I can't believe she's on her way to kindegarten!