Entering into a Community of Grace this Christmas

Tim Chester, in his excellent book, You Can Change, lists some great questions to discern if your church is a community of grace, and thus attractive to broken, needy sinners.

  • Are people open about their sin or is there a culture of pretending?
  • Is community life messy or sanitized?
  • Are broken people attracted to your community?
  • Is conflict out in the open or is it suppressed?
  • Are forgiveness and reconciliation actively pursued?
  • Do you constantly return to the cross in your conversation, prayers and praise?

As many C & E (Christmas and Easter) Christians enter our doors over the next couple weeks, will they see us as real people worshiping a real Savior?  Will they enter a community of grace?

Here's a video by Tim Chester describing his book, You Can Change (that I highly recommend).