Fighting and Resting

232887091.jpgToday I've been reflecting on how the Christian life is an ongoing balance of fighting and resting.  Fighting against the temptations of sin and Satan, and yet resting in the finished work of Christ.  Fighting against the worldly waves of comfort, and yet resting in the God of all comfort.  Fighting for faith in the battle raging on around me, and yet resting in the truth that the war has already been won.  Fighting against contentment and security in the wrong things, and yet resting in Christ and feeling content and secure in eternal things.  Life is about fighting and resting, resting and fighting.  May we feel the tension and learn to live with both realities.  And may we remember that our fighting and resting is best done in the context of close community, in a safe place where others can help us fight when we need to fight and help us rest when we need to rest.