Get off the couch this summer!

This summer I want to get off the couch and get into the lives of others.  So often we view summertime as a coasting time instead of a growing time.  I think this principle applies to most churches as well.  Over the years we've been taught that summer is a time to make the best with what we've got and prepare for the coming fall.  So instead of planting seeds we pack our bags and wait for August. I wonder what would happen if we thought differently.  I wonder what would happen if we would simply get off the couch and get into the lives of others this summer.  Here's 3 simple ways to share your life this summer:

  1. Invest and Invite --> get to know your neighbors and invite them to specific things (i.e. over for dinner on Fri. night, to a baseball game on Saturday, etc.)
  2. Spend time on the Front Porch --> make yourself visible and available to your neighbors; don't hide in your backyard the whole summer
  3. Pray for your neighborhood --> take regular prayer walks around your neighborhood praying for God to give you a greater burden for those in your community (i.e. pray for God to reveal to you specific needs in your neighborhood, pray for him to grant you favor with your neighbors in building relationships, etc.)

These are just 3 ideas to get you started.  What else can we do to maximize our summer for the glory of God and the good of our neighborhoods?

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