Go Orange

Tonight Lisle and I take off to Duluth, Georgia to attend the Orange Conference.  We're really looking forward to learning more about how we can effectively reach families for Christ.  Instead of going green, we're going orange! What is Orange? (taken from the Conference Website)

The Orange Conference is an opportunity for churches to have their key leaders in a room together being challenged about what it means & what it takes to reach the next generation.

Why Orange?

Orange is a color that symbolizes INTEGRATION. It’s the brilliant result of a merger between two more traditional influences - red and yellow. Just like something radically new happens when red and yellow come together, there is a different kind of culture that is established when the Church understands the value of a true partnership with the family.

While we won't be live-blogging the conference, we may do a couple posts while we're there.  Please pray for a refreshing time as we're asking God to give us vision and strategy for the coming year(s).