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God in "The Office"

stevecarell_theofficeanamericanworkplace_240_0011.jpgDid you watch the premiere of The Office last night?  I was struck with how much God was brought up in the show.  After Michael ran into Meredith with his car he brought all the office staff together for a meeting.  He believed the office was cursed and his aim was to stop it.  How?  At one point, he flat out said that they needed a sacrifice to get rid of the so-called curse and perhaps his guilt over the whole ordeal.  Granted, he was talking about getting some kind of crazy animal sacrifice, but nonetheless, he thought a sacrifice was needed.  Interesting. Meanwhile Meredith was brought to the hospital after being hit by Michael and she was found to have a cracked pelvis.  However, the doctors also found that she had rabies from being bitten by a bat in a previous episode.  So, in other words, if she hadn't been hit by the car she may have never known about the rabies.  No one attributed all this to God and his providence, but nevertheless they realized that all this happened for a reason.

Even in a secular show such as The Office, God is still there.  Though we try to supress him, inevitably he comes into the picture.  Though we try to push him out, he comes to the forefont--especially when life throws us a curveball.  Deep down everyone is searching for something to make sense of their world, something to cover up the curse and the guilt they feel each day.  Much like the Athenians of Paul's day, our culture is interested in spiritual things making gods of their own imagination that will fit their needs.  Like Paul, we must be willing to first listen and learn from our culture and then love them by telling them the truth.  We must tell them that this God is not an impersonal Deity that watches over the office of our lives and meets our needs whenever we flippantly ask him.  This God is the Creator who made all mankind giving us breath and life and everything else that we should seek Him, that we might feel our way toward him and find him, for he is not far from each of us.  And we must be willing to say that though God is patient with us, today he commands all people everywhere to repent and turn to Jesus for salvation.  For He is the only one who can free us from the curse of sin and guilt by becoming a curse for us on the cross.