Gone Batty?

Sam Theilman, writing for World Magazine, reviews The Dark Knight.  Here are a few excerpts:


The world is in trouble when the guy dressed up as a bat represents order and sanity. But that's pretty much the thesis of The Dark Knight: The world is a bad place and it needs good people ...


I should note here that I have been a film reporter for years and have no idea why, beyond the power of the Warner Bros. empire, The Dark Knight is rated PG-13. This is an R-rated movie if I've ever seen one—the violence isn't particularly bloody but it's disturbing. You may laugh at the occasional demented gag, but if you do, you'll feel ill. Don't take your kids. They'll whine about it. Don't take them.

Heath Ledger as the Joker

The film's early reviews have been gently quizzical about the late, lamented Heath Ledger's magnetic performance as the Joker. It's obvious that he's doing a superb job, but nobody seems to know what he's doing. Let me clear things up: He's playing Satan. Ledger flicks his tongue like a snake, tempts people to kill one another, and is gleefully sloppy with bullets, bombs, and knives. ... it's hard to know what this character did to someone like Ledger, who flung himself into every role. What it does to the film, though, is create a character entirely opposite to Batman. He's a terrorist in the most basic sense of the word: Terror is not his means, it's his end.

For a more positive slant on the movie, check out Todd Hertz' review as he writes for Christianity today.  Here's one excerpt:

Overall, the film displays utmost cinematic craftsmanship—from the score to the beautiful shots of Gotham City to a script that sticks with you for weeks.

Has anyone out there seen this movie yet?  What are your thoughts?  And if you haven't yet seen it yet, do you want to?