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Good Christians, Good Husbands?

Good Christians, Good Husbands?As a pastor or church leader, how do you balance family and ministry?  Which comes first?  What are the biblical responsibilities of a husband and father?  And how should a wife respond to the many trying circumstances in ministry?  These and other questions are explored by Doreen Moore in Good Christians, Good Husbands? an "inspiring and convicting account of three 18th century Christian leaders (John Wesley, George Whitefield, and Jonathan Edwards), all of whom were passionate about glorifying God by serving Him in their generation ... how they balanced (or did not balance) their passion for ministry with being married is the subject of this book."

I'm about halfway through the book, and it's a very convicting read.  If you're a church leader who feels the weight of balancing family and ministry, you need to get this book.  My friend, Dr. Tom Nettles, Professor of Historical Theology at Southern Seminary, endorses the book saying, "each reader will receive rewards in personal development far in excess of the time investing in reading."  I couldn't agree more.