Great New Album: Merciful to Me

My friend, Eric Schumacher, in collaboration with David Ward (and others) through the ministry of Reformed Praise, just released their latest album, Merciful to Me. It was co-produced by David Ward and Steve Cook (of Sovereign Grace Music). It contains the vocals of Devon Kauflin, Shannon Harris, Jake Armerding, Lucia Newell, and others, as well as a host of great instrumentalists from around the country. The 13 tracks are an eclectic mix of styles, including bluegrass, pop, classic jazz, driving rock, and orchestral arrangements. This album is rich in the deep realities of the gospel.  I especially enjoyed the song, There is No Sin That I Have Done.  I found myself literally stopping and resting in the finished work of Christ.  My Worship Pastor, Benjamin Brainard, also reviewed the album and gave this recommendation:

This CD has been encouraging to my soul and is filled with lyrics that enjoy the full realm of the Christian life.  I think of Sovereign Grace, Sandra McCracken, Fernando Ortega, Indelible grace, Red Mountain Church, CD’s when I hear this.  Some songs are meant for contemplation, and others for congregational worship.  I do enjoy the stylistic variance throughout the CD.  If you want a CD to worship to, or to be encouraged by, compliment your collection with this one.

You can preview all 13 tracks here ...