Guest Blogger - My Twin Brother

As my family and I make the journey to Iowa for Christmas, I asked my twin brother, Mark, to be my guest blogger.  Many of you know that Mark and his wife Maki are missionaries in Japan.  They are proud parents of their 6 month old son named Noah. 

Over the years, Mark and I have had to adjust to doing life apart, instead of "life together."  If you're a twin, you understand how hard it would be to not see yours very often.  However, I thank God for Mark and his ministry with Maki in Japan. They encourage me immensely in the way they humbly serve and invest their lives into people.  It's a slow work, but a work that's already changed many lives for eternity.  Mark also challenges me to think beyond my little world here.  He has a huge heart for missions as he longs for others to participate in God's heart for all the peoples of the world. 

So, as you approach these next two weeks, I encourage you to check in once in awhile and see what Mark has posted.  He will bless you and challenge you to be a blessing to this world. 

(Note: I know Mark would never mention it himself, but if you're interested in learning more about how you can partner with him either prayerfully or financially, please let me know.)