Having the Maturity of a Child

The more mature we are, the more childlike we become.  This is seen most clearly in the way we pray.  Paul Miller, from his book, A Praying Life, says it well:

Don't try to get the prayer right; just tell God where you are and what's on your mind.  That's what little children do.  They come as they are, runny noses and all.

To learn how to pray is to enter the world of a child, where all things are possible.

Little children are good at helplessness.  It's what they do best ... God wants us to come to him empty-handed, weary, and heavy -laden.

I'm learning to become more like a child in my relationship with God.  It's a freeing thing.  Along with reading Miller's book, I also recommend riding a roller coaster and doing a coloring book with your kids!  Trust me.  Just the smell of crayons and the thrill of a theme park can relax you and remind you that you are still just a little kid who's loved by a big God.